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What Do You Repair?

Do you repair all types of Cell Phones?

​We sure do!  Smartphone devices are our specialty (eg: Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, Android, LG, HTC, etc.), but we repair all make and model cell phones and everything that can go wrong with them. Smashed screens, bad batteries, home buttons that don’t go home, charge ports that don’t charge, cameras that don’t take pictures and liquid damage are all common repairs that we perform.

Do you repair all types of Gaming Consoles?

Of course! Any issue, any console.  Including but not limited to: Sony PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBOX One, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and many more! Common repairs are drive doesn’t work, laser doesn’t laser, retrieving stuck disks, power and HDMI ports.

Do you repair all types of Laptops?

Yep! We can replace the smashed screen, keyboards, etc. In addition we can clean up an nasty virus that may attack your laptop and reinstall a clean Operating System.

Do you repair all types of Smart Watches?

Sure can. We have replaced Apple Watch screens and batteries for years and well as Samsung watches. if a part can be found, it can most likely be repaired.

Do you repair all types of Tablets?

Sure! We can tackle any issue on an Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab/Notes, Surface, Dell Latitudes, Blackberry Playbook, or most any other model available. Most common issues are cracked screens, charge ports replacements and batteries.

Do you repair all types of iPods?

​You know we do! We specialize in all iPod repairs on any model.

Mail in Repair Questions

Do I have to mail my device in for repair?

​Of course not!  If you are near our walk-in retail locations you can stop in anytime during normal business hours. If you are a business, contact us for Pick-Up solutions. We can come to your business!

If I do want to mail my device in for repair, where do I send it?

​Please ship your gadget to:

Normal Gadgets, LLC
Attn: Mail-In Repairs
802 S. Eldorado Drive
Suite A3
Bloomington, IL  61704

General Repair Questions

How long will it take to fix my gadget?

​Some repairs take less than an hour. However many of our repairs are completed in a 2-48 hour turnaround time. We provide the highest quality service you can find, and our expert certified service technicians can repair any smartphone, handheld device, or MP3 Player on the market. ​ If the part is not in stock, we will let you know when it will arrive and then when your cell phone / device will be ready.

I dropped my phone and now the screen is unresponsive, will the glass repair fix this?

​Yes, it should. If we determine the digitizer (the part responsible for touch functionality) is damaged, we will replace that when we repair your LCD display.

How will I know if the LCD needs to be repaired?

​If your screen is white, has broken pixels or there is “bleeding,” you will need to have your LCD glass replaced. This damage is irreversible. We will do a full assessment when we receive your phone and provide you with details as part of our diagnosis and  repair service.

Do repair prices include all parts and labor?

Yes. The price you are quoted includes all parts necessary to repair your equipment, as well as the labor cost.

Is my personal information safe and private?

​We take your privacy very seriously.  When we receive your device, we will not access any of your information for any reason. You can password protect your phone if you feel more comfortable doing so, but it will limit our ability to test the functionality of your device after repairs have been made.  We cannot guarantee the functionality of all systems if your phone or device is password protected.

Will you always have the repair part?

Due to the nature of the industry, parts can become scarce, unattainable, or do not meet our quality control standards. In the event that this happens you will be contacted promptly and made aware of the situation. This can cause repairs to take more than 24 hours or in the worst case scenario become non‐repairable. In the event of this happening, you will be refunded for any parts you purchased for a repair, however, there will be a service fee charged for the labor and technician time. At times when we have to order a part for your repair, we will collect a payment for that part order. Should you elect not to go through with the repair after we have collected payment and ordered the part, there will be a restocking fee. If you elect not to recycle your device and wish to have it returned, there will be a shipping fee added to the labor service fee.

What if I choose not to have the cell phone/device repaired?

​We do charge a service fee for a cell phone / device that has been evaluated for repair where at the customer’s request we do not repair. If you have shipped your cell phone to us for analysis/repair, and then decide not to have the device repaired, you will be refunded the cost of your payment less the service fee and return shipping. If you choose not to have your cell phone / device repaired or returned to you, we’ll be happy to recycle it.

What happens if I attempt the repair, can't, and decide to bring to you to complete?

​If we receive disassembled devices we reserve the right to charge a service fee for Technician time to reassemble and test the device to determine what type of repair is needed. It is a possibility that the devices may be returned with less functionality than when we received it. Previously disassembled units that are received can be unpredictable and may become non‐repairable during the diagnostics process.

What happens if Normal Gadgets breaks an item that we've bought a repair for?

​In rare cases a technician may accidentally break a component on your device.  In some cases, due to part availability, we may use refurbished or used parts to repair your device. In the worst case scenario we may have to replace your unit with a refurbished device of equal value. Please understand that dropping, breaking, cracking, watering and electronic device can cause damage to the item further than what is seen from the exterior or what is visible from the outside.

Will there be a loss of data with the repair?

​You are highly encouraged to backup your personal data/information prior to bringing in/sending your device in for repair. We are in no way responsible for the loss of any data or media on any device.  It is your responsibility to back up your data and media.

What happens to my screen protector or SIM Card?

​We are not responsible for SIM Cards, protective covers, screen protectors, cases, and wraps. Please do not mail these items along with your device. If you do not remove a screen protector from your unit it may have to be removed to do the repair and will be discarded. It is your responsibility to remove these items prior to mailing.

Warranty Questions

Will my factory warranty still be valid after repairs have been made?

​We cannot guarantee that your manufacturer will honor the warranty after we repair your device.  Technically, when your device was damaged, your warranty would have been void.  We use the highest quality parts in our service center. Our technicians take special care to keep your equipment in the exact condition it was in when we received it.

Are you an authorized Apple, Samsung or Microsoft store?

Normal Gadgets has been in business since 2012 serving central Illinois customers. While we are not an authorized repair center for Apple, Samsung or Microsoft, we do have Certified Level 3 Mobile Device Technicians that have gone through our rigorous training before they work on customer devices. We have successfully completed over 80,000 repairs on all mobile devices, tablets, laptops and gaming systems. There are times that we repair devices before the manufactures know of an issue.

Does your repair come with a warranty?

​Yes it does!  We offer a 30 day parts and labor warranty.

What are the terms and policies of Normal Gadgets?

There is a minimum amount to diagnose and/or repair any cell phone, tablet, iPod, game console, and/or other device. We strive to provide same day service; however the nature of some repairs  may take longer. Customer understands and acknowledges that same day service is not a promise or guarantee. Customer  authorizes the repair work/attempt herein set forth to be done along with the necessary material and agrees that Normal Gadgets may have to order parts for which we have no control at times on shipping costs/times. Customer understands that by allowing Normal Gadgets to perform service on any device may void any    warranty the device may have from the manufacturer. We encourage Customers to search all areas of existing warranties, insurance claims and upgrades with their carrier. Customer agrees and acknowledges that it is their responsibility to back up any  device they provide for us to look at or work on and that there is always a possibility of data loss such as contacts, pictures, etc.; and that they hold Normal Gadgets and its employees harmless for such loss. Customer agrees that Normal Gadgets and its associates are not responsible for loss or damage to devices left longer than 30 days. Any device or item left after thirty (30) days will be recycled. We make every effort to contact Customers to pick up repaired and non-repaired devices left in the store. In rare cases a technician may accidentally break a component on a device.  If this happens we take full responsibility to repair the damage caused by our technician at no additional charge to the customer. In some cases, due to part availability, we may use refurbished or used parts to repair your device. At times when we have to order a part for your repair, we will collect a payment for that part order. Should you elect not to go through with the repair after we have collected payment/ordered the part, there will be a restocking fee. In the worst case scenario we may have to replace your unit with a new or   refurbished device of equal value.  All phone repairs are covered by a thirty (30) day warranty on all parts  and labor excluding liquid caused damage and customer caused damage after the repair, however we must have a valid email and telephone number on file. Any new physical or liquid damage caused by the customer or outside of Normal Gadgets after the repaired device was picked up will not be covered under the thirty (30) day warranty period. Liquid damage devices have no warranty even after we successfully bring them back to life. Game consoles are covered under the thirty (30) day warranty with the exception of Red Ring/Yellow Ring issues, certain error codes. Customer understands that these issues cannot be permanently fixed; therefore, any repair completed will be a temporary repair only. We make no claim as to how long your device may last after an overheating repair. We are not responsible for disc and/or items left inside any unit. There are no refunds and/or exchanges after four (4) days on all phones and accessories. Refunds and/or   exchanges within  four (4) days from purchase will not be honored without a receipt. Customer understands that the repair performed by Normal Gadgets is strictly for the repair problem presented at check-in. Normal Gadgets only performs a basic check on the most common functions but does not check all functions of a  device.  If a repair was completed for me, I acknowledge that I have received my device and it has been checked thoroughly. It is in good working order for the repair completed by Normal Gadgets. It is the customers responsibility to accept the device, working, working fixed and tested by the customer or not repaired. If the repair could not be completed for various reasons, I acknowledge that I have picked up the device knowing that the repair was either not successful or could not/did not get repaired. I further understand that I may have picked up the device while a part has been ordered. At times customers may send another family member, friend or co-worker to pick up a device, while fixed, waiting for a part or not fixed. Normal Gadgets accepts no responsibility for providing the device back to the customer, or another designee other than the express warranty of repaired items as mentioned above. All repair jobs are non-refundable.

Operations & Contact Questions

Why do you need my email and a contact number?

Our communication system is very robust and it requires your email in order to validate your warranty with Normal Gadgets, along with sending you notifications that your device is ready for pick up or if we have questions about the repair. If a part is needed to be ordered, you will also get notifications when the part is in.  Our system also will email you right before your warranty period expires and again in 90 days just to make sure you are happy with the repair(s) you’ve received at Normal Gadgets.

What happens to my cell phone/device if I forgot to pick it up from your local repair center?

​In the event your device is left with us for 30 days or more your unit will be considered abandoned and will be recycled. This can happen if we are awaiting an authorization for a repair and are unable to contact you by phone or email. It can also occur if we do not receive payment for our services or repairs.

What hours and days of the week are you open?

​In Bloomington, IL, our Repair Center is open Monday – Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm,  Saturday from 10:00am to 3pm.  We are closed on Sundays.

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